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4 of the Coolest Life Hacks for Dog Owners

By :Danielle Ciambruschini 0 comments
4 of the Coolest Life Hacks for Dog Owners

Our fur babies are the source of so much joy…and it requires more than a little work to keep them happy and healthy. We’ve gathered a list of 4 pup-related life hacks that you’ll absolutely love (and that may have you wondering Why didn’t I think of that?).

Ready to learn how to make dog care infinitely easier? Let’s dive in!

Keep Pups Entertained with an Edible Ice Block

Dogs love variety…and creating a treat-filled ice block is a great way to keep your pup entertained and hydrated, especially during the warm summer months.

To make your own ice block, grab a large plastic bowl (or Tupperware container), with a lid if possible.

Fill the container with your liquid of choice. You can use low sodium chicken stock if you like, but many dogs enjoy an ice block made with unflavored water.

Add in a cup of your dog’s favorite treats and a few of their favorite toys. Try to use some that will sink and others that will float so the treats and toys are evenly distributed in the ice block. Another option is to fill the container halfway, add toys and treats, freeze, then repeat the process to evenly distribute the goodies.

Place the lid on the container and freeze until completely frozen, 6 hours or more. Allow the ice block to thaw for 5 minutes before removing from your container. Place outside and watch your dogs enjoys hours of entertainment!

Add a Carabiner to the End of Your Leash

There are times, when you’re out and about, that require securing your dog to take care of a task. But tying your leash around a post or tree can be inconvenient, and untying knots can take forever. 

Save yourself the hassle by adding a carabiner clip to the end of your leash. When you need to secure your dog, simply wrap the cord around any post or tree and fasten the clip to your leash. (Of course, if your dog is small enough, carrying your pup in a Pineapple Pets sling would solve this problem while keeping your fur baby close to your heart…and that’s a win/win in our book!).

Use a Window Squeegee to Remove Pet Hair

Not only is pet hair a pain to pick up, but it can also damage your vacuum if you don’t. Window squeegees are great at picking up pet hair. Simply scrape the squeegee over rugs, carpet, or upholstery and watch the hair lift right up. This also works well on automotive upholstery.

(Hint: No squeegee? Grab a pair of rubber dishwashing gloves. Put them on and run your hands over the hairy area…you’ll be amazed how well this works!)

Use a Ball to Slow Down Fast Eaters

Some pups are hardwired to eat quickly, which can do a number on doggy digestion. If you have a fur baby who is a fast eater, try adding a rubber ball to their food-filled bowl. Working to eat around the ball forces fido to slow down, extending eating time and reducing digestive issues.

Is dog ownership a lot of work? Absolutely. Take comfort in the fact this just means you’re doing it right. Anything worth having is worth working hard for…and our relationships with our fur babies are second to none.

We hope these hacks make the work a little easier so you can spend more time enjoying life with your pup…there really is nothing better!




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