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Top 5 Tips for Flying with Your Fur Baby

By :Danielle Ciambruschini 0 comments
Top 5 Tips for Flying with Your Fur Baby

With the holidays approaching, many pet owners are weighing the pros and cons of flying with their pets to visit friends and family, leaving them at home with a sitter, or sending them to a puppy resort while they’re out of town.

We know the idea of airline travel can be intimidating…but we also know how much your furry friend longs to be by your side no matter where you go…so we’ve gathered 5 tips to make airline travel with your pup go as smoothly as possible.

Visit the Vet

Take your dog to the vet before buying tickets to make sure Fido is fit to fly. Once your doctor gives your dog a clean bill of health, contact your airline to determine what additional documentation they require for pets. 

Most airlines require a health certificate that has been issued by your veterinarian 10 days prior to your flight and proof of rabies vaccination, so you’ll likely need to schedule another vet visit just before your trip.

Book Your Tickets in Advance

As soon as your vet deems your pup to be in good health, book your tickets ASAP. Airlines limit the number of pets allowed on each flight, so it’s important to reserve seats early to ensure you get a seat on your desired flight.

Research Kennels

Airlines require your dog be kenneled for at least part, and in some cases for the entirety, of your flight. Contact your airline to find out if and when your pet is allowed out of his or her kennel during the flight.

Most kennels must be small enough to fit under your seat but large enough to allow your dog to stand and turn around. Be sure to get a kennel with a waterproof bottom—accidents can happen, especially if your pup is stressed during travel. Make sure the carrier you choose has adequate ventilation.

Help your dog get comfortable with a new kennel by setting it up in your home well before your trip. Make the carrier a safe haven for your pup—line it with a favorite blanket and feed him or her in the kennel for several weeks. Let the carrier become a retreat where your dog can go to rest and enjoy some quiet time.

Bring Your Sling

While airlines require your dog to be kenneled during the boarding process (and possibly during your flight), there will likely be time before and after your trip when your pup can take a break from the crate.

Having your hands-free dog sling at the ready will allow your dog to enjoy some up-close snuggle time with you while keeping them safe and out of the way of hurried travelers. 

Say No to Sedation

We know that flying with your dog can be stressful for you and your pup, and you may be tempted to ask the vet for a sedative so your best friend can rest comfortably during transport.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, tranquilizing or sedating dogs during air travel is not recommended, particularly for short-nosed dogs like pugs, Lhasa Apsos, and Shih-tzus, due to an increased risk of health problems and injury

Flying while caring for your favorite fur baby requires plenty of prep and patience. When travel day arrives, be sure to allow extra time to check in and navigate security…and, once you arrive at your gate, ask if you can pre-board with your pup. 

By keeping yourself calm, you can help your dog see air travel as an exciting experience with their favorite person. May these tips make your next aviation adventure a smashing success!



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