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Top 5 Tips when Caring for Senior Dogs

By :Danielle Ciambruschini 0 comments
Top 5 Tips when Caring for Senior Dogs

Our dogs spend their lives as beloved and treasured members of our family and seeing them through their golden years can bring both beauty and heartache. In many ways, caring for senior pets is like caring for senior adults, and requires some basic lifestyle changes to make things easier and more comfortable for them.

Today, we’ll look at 5 ways you can support your senior pet throughout their golden years.

“Every white hair is one day of experience in being the very best friend you’ve ever had.” – Jaymi Heimbuch

Increase the Frequency of Vet Visits

Older pets require more frequent visits to the veterinarian to make sure everything stays in good working order. Plan to schedule routine checkups twice a year and ask for a geriatric blood panel annually.

Certain breeds are predisposed to developing conditions like hip dysplasia, arthritis, cancer, or diabetes in their advanced years, making routine check ups vital for early detection and treatment.

Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, periodontal disease is the most common clinical condition in in dogs, and, if left untreated, can cause significant damage to vital organs.

Talk to your veterinarian about having your senior dog’s teeth professionally cleaned. The procedure does require general anesthesia, something not all older dogs can tolerate. At-home brushing and dental treats that clean teeth may also be helpful.

Keep an Eye on Your Dog’s Diet & Weight

Just as it is with adults entering their golden years, senior pets may require a change in their diet to maintain a healthy weight. And keeping extra pounds off is important for overall health and decreases stress on joints and bones.

Talk to your vet to decide if it’s time to change your dog’s diet.

Make Sure Your Dog Gets Regular Exercise

Although his days of joining you on long walks or jogs may be over, it is still important to make sure senior pets enjoy regular exercise. Take gentle walks together for as long as your dog can tolerate it. Go at times when the temperatures are not too hot or too cold and watch carefully for any signs of stress.

Carry Your Dog When Possible

Pet slings have been a game changer for senior dogs, allowing them to enjoy the outdoors for longer periods of time without overexerting themselves.

No longer are older pets forced to stay isolated indoors. Pet slings allow owners to safely and comfortable carry their fur babies anywhere, and dogs love being part of your everyday routine once again. Seeing new sights and interacting with new friends engages your pet and exercises their mind…and getting to spend an extended amount of time with you? Well, that’s the stuff doggy dreams are made of.

If you are interested in buying a pet sling for your best buddy, check out our online store where you’re sure to find the perfect sling for your pup.

Caring for the four-legged friend who has loved us so well for so many years can be challenging. But every moment we have with them is also a blessing—so hug them close, care for them well, and treasure every second you share with them. 

Because no amount of time is ever enough.




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